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Cam Borg Collective Viniculum Zone [entries|friends|calendar]

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Reassimaltion [31 May 2005|10:27pm]

[ mood | bored ]

a bored matt morphs into his borg form deciding that the other members have started to reject their borg side he starts to sneak up on one of them in secret and jumps them trying to inject them with bor nanoprobes..

Reply if you want/ are bored or fancy being snuck upon

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[15 May 2004|05:44pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Upon looking around for either 2 of 7 (me) or 7 of 7 (caitlin_bedford) at the temple complex they are not to be found, however a PADD with the following note is discovered.

My most Merciless Majesty,

Ourself and 7 of 7 have transported off site to spread your imperium to a university complex in the USA, we have plans for assimilating their computer network and from there altering it for use as a mass assimilation device on all users. We are hoping we can use this as a test bed for a computer viral assimilation technique we have in mind that could aid in rapid takeover of the planet. Our temple assistant drones have orders to keep things ticking over.
Apologies for any inconvenience, we hope to give a full report on our return.

Your dutiful servant

Drone 2 of 7

PS We still have those kitten eyes and think they would look fantastic in you.

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Attention Queen kittensandsteam [14 May 2004|07:52am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

*Shows her the new Devil-drone caitlin_bedford * My queen may I present our first american drone !
You may also wish to note the following implants on hmm 7 of 7?
Gargoyle like wings black wings.
Black devil tail - again tipped with assimilator
Radar sensor devil horns
and Magnetic cloven hooves for feet
As well as targeting eye piece, laser arm, black rubberised dermal armour and nanoprobe injectors.

Thus far we have stated the new drone may assist ourself in guarding the inner temple complex as well as going on assimilation missions..

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on our newest addition themasquerader [13 May 2004|02:23pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

We have succesfully added the Jon-drone.
He shall be our Borg-beastmaster and be in charge over the assimilated Borg cyber animals.
He shall be known as *assimilated*, *wolfish* and *beastmaster*
Of course all implant and enhance ments should only be done in communication with my *ruthless* and *efficient* Second in Command skinny_cartman

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Ship/ base ideas [12 May 2004|09:26pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Well we have been pondering exactly what and where we should be based, from where shall we assimilate and control the world?

Ship wise the thoughts are to this point as follows either a scout vessel (mini cube) or an undermanned (hey its just us kids :-) ) sphere either orbiting hiding behind the darkside of the moon, or partially bound in the polar icecap (where it could break free at anytime and also launch fighters) for that icestation earth effect (sue me I liked Ming in defenders of the earth cartoons and flash gordon)
From our ship which is obviously our main base of operations we can transport ourselves anywhere on the planet with a mere thought, and it also gives us a place to hide a growing army of drones or even cyborg kittens, bats and mutated giant spiders and scorpions not to mention give us an excuse for cyber killer whales with head mounted lasers (sharks with frickin laser beams? no think bigger!!!) ahem..

We also believe that we should perhaps have a variety of regional assimilated quarters from which to attack, personal preference of this drone is perhaps something akin to a forgotten basement of an educational faculty mayhaps even assimilating the computer servers of a university and setting up a small borg area about these from where we can head out on missions to assimilate the student masses.

2 of 4

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paging my *efficient* and *loyal* Second In Command [12 May 2004|02:57pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Could you please grant the *assimilated* new addition to our hive masquerade_ad some cyber implants of your choice. We shall let you choose and experiment as you wish ...
*strokes the purple cyber borg kitty*

Furthermore we still need succesfull assimilation of themasquerader, vilenspotens, atrophy_angel and mayhaps kievala as well *cackles*

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Project 010 - Cybernetic implants [12 May 2004|01:28am]

[ mood | satisfied ]

well as an aside I'm pondering whether other folks will post anything other than comments here (Come on!! you can do it write something silly trekkie and borg like :-) ) or whether it is merely a place where I write down my collective mind insanity for spectators (heh I'm in a semi-mopey mood must be the cold I've got)

Anyway as the title says..

2 of 4's list of current cybernetic upgrades devices widgets and doogimehiks

Ocular implants - aka Eyepieces and such like - well you have the very basic seven of nine style semi circular "eyebrow" style (increases range of vision to UV and IR spectrums), the Locutus alround the eyesocket look (specifications uncertain likely similar to Seven model with widened spectrum) and then a whole range of full eye replacement models which can increase spectrum range, total visual accutity range (ie telescopic/microscopic), or add a variety of sensor packages such as scanning for different wave and particle emissions , life signs, biochemical and physiological readings and so on and so forth (recently assimilated drone formerly called Jacqueline (brujah room op sadly no LJ :-( ) has a scanner for biochemical, hormonal and brain chemistry for example - being of a prototype drone spec for pleasure sensations). These replace and augment sight and add functions often found in human tricorders.

Audio implants - aka ear replacements - generally rather simple wide microphone style implants in place of one or both ears these increase range and spectrum of soundwaves that can be detected, and can also form the basis of motion detector implant suites (added sensors in a 360 degree arc refine this for direction sensing), of note Queen Hildekitten has Kitten ear implants which perform standard audio implant functions as above but also add a radar style sense of ultra sonic echo location.

Oftentimes both of the above need external wiring and nutrient supply piping.

Additional sense modifications - thus far we only have noted olfactory (smell) implants these being two small sphere implants that are placed inside the nasal cavity for detailed chemical sensing and tracking - known recipients - prototype pleasure drone .

Arm replacements - the variety of replacement arms is wide, ranging from increased range sensor suites (generally clip around forearm mount), to multiple tool adaptors (dependent on task for drone, engineering, surgical and so on, tools being on a rotary flick forward array - this drone has a surgical arm) , long range weapons (Blaster, phaser, laser, disruptor arms - often with internal sensors for gaining a target lock, distance and so on, blast power varience, and speed firing), and close combat weaponry (most often a wrist mounted large bladed version of a nanoprobe injector sometimes multibladed - punch dagger like). standard assimilation drones generally have a large grabbing/holding claw replacement and perhaps a wrist mounted dagger/assimilator or normal arm with standard nanoprobe injectors.

Nanoprobe injectors - touched on above, the "standard" model is a retractable needle, often slightly curved, mounted either on the wrist (inside or outside generally singly) the back of the hand (often paired) or in the fingers (knuckles or finger tips/nails - at least in pairs if not full suite) all borg should be equipped with this prime assimilation tool. Other models include the bladed mounts or alternate body positioning (kick dagger like, or in "intimate" positions cf pleasure drone prototype). Of note Queen Hildekitten has two special modifications in this regard in the form of retractable cat-like claws with injector tips, and a kitten tail with assimilator tip (also electrifible and prehensile)

Other standard implants - armour plating - placed over key body areas generally metallic
- dermal replacement layer - thin motility allowing armour of a rubberised texture, replaces skin on the majority of the dermis of a borg (hands and face accepted)
- anti gravity feet - as stated these allow drones to walk in zero G
- servo enhanced muscles and joints - generally legs and arms for added strength of 10 men.
The majority of drones will have all of these as standard some exceptions generally with armour for aesthetic reasons, adaptations in footwear - heels for example.

specialised implants -
One off's so far include..
Queen Hildekittens ears and tail.
Kay-drone's retractable bat wings (for cute flying effect)
Pleasure drone has many - sublingual chemical producers (allows lip wetting with chemical bait for assimilation)
- skin based chemical producers (allows chemical doping of the air for easy assimilation/pleasure producing effect)
- Brainwave alteration transmitters - transmit and alter the brainwaves of the target human or drone to feel arousal and pleasure sensations (in drones heightens the feelings of satisfaction of working for the queen/collective) - mounted on the back/shoulders and *ahem* the breast/abdomen (ooc her choice - basically looks like a corset/low cut bra)
- retractable dermal layer - can be retracted in segments for different aesthetically pleasing looks full style resembles rubber cat suit (again her choice.. might also point out that I know her well, did the scene in private and so on..)
- Program implant - allows the downloading and storing of unique subroutines in an individual borg for alternate behaviour patterns.
2 of 4 has a harpoon pop up wrist mounted assimilator and a head mounted holoprojector to fool his foes.


So any additions ?

and what do people want?
So far several of us are rather implant-lite drones *looks at the robin and kay-drones suspiciously*

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Project 001 - Status [10 May 2004|09:45pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

*The thought waves of 2 of 4 filter out across the hivemind network to all its fellow borg*

The situation thus far on status stands thus..

Borg Queen kittensandsteam stands as *Assimilated* oddly by this drone 2 of 4, As with all Royalty she is Imperial *Purple*, and indeed a *shiney* Borg, with a somewhat *fickle* nature (negative??), she is *Merciless* in her pursuit of assimilating all lesser races, as our queen she is - *dedicated* to the twin causes of the borg those of assimilation and perfection, *commanding* to all her drones, and *ruthless* to her very core. This Drone notes that she may well also be *evil* and *wicked* as well, but these are as yet unconfirmed and lack backing.

This Drone 2 of 4 second in command (Primary Adjutant) to her Majesty, is known as *Assimilated* by unknown borg in sector 469 of the antari cluster, it is a *shiney* drone, *dedicated* to serving its Queen in whatever fashion she deems fit, it is a *ruthless* assimilator of mortals, and occasionally exhibits a *suave* manner, as primary adjutant it is known to be *competent* in organisation of and execution of its Queen's diktats, *Efficient* at carrying out orders, as prime surgical implant drone it is also thought of as *wise* in its choice of cyberware, and *inventive* as the creator of new implant technology.
(me thinks the queen is rather too generous in her compliments I also had *bestest* and *effective*, our queen needs more status!!)

Unknown designation.. silver_blue Robin-drone?? error error.. no numbers does not compute.. Position in collective Humour-drone unconfirmed secondary adjutant to Queen HildeKitten. It stands as *Assimilated* by our own Queen, it is very *adaptable* to its environment, and *dedicated* to our Queen and *funny* as our humour drone, it does however maintain some imperfection as it is *Emotional*

*images of sparks* no number designation kinkykay Kay-drone??. Position in collective enemy subversion assimilation drone aka Cute drone, This Drone was *Assimilated* to the collective by 2 of 4, it is very *shiney* autonomously sprouting its own implants on assimilation, we consider it *adaptable* as it was a willing participant in assimilation, as our cute-drone it stands as being *Poingy* but maintains minor imperfection in its *giggly* nature this may however assist in its role.

We trust that we have been *efficient* in keeping track of such status. We do however note that we are unaware of any new drones and the standing they may have bar *assimilated*

*the thought waves of 2 of 4 fade a little but are still present in the network*

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Projects.. [10 May 2004|12:58am]

[ mood | predatory ]

Our Queen, Fellow Drones,

We have several projects that we would like to appraise you of some of which are ongoing, some need to yet be started.
Thus we 2of4 primary adjutant to Borg Queen Hildekitten of Unimatrix one zero one will attempt to outline them in some small detail.

001 - Status project - as already started on this drone's journal each Borg has the status of *assimilated* plus a number of others, these are generally gifted to drones by our queen (who is also by dint of being queen *ruthless*, *commanding* and *dedicated*), and we as a collective can gift likewise to her. What we would wish to do is collect and list the standing of all the borg here present to keep a track of it, and perhaps to define the roles of each drone and have associated standing to their position in the collective. (otherwise to read we can give each other borgy pisstake status whenever we want with no stupid caps and I'd like to keep it listed somehow so we can have a giggle, with positions being based either on job of the drone in the collective or a personallity trait "humour drone", "cute bouncy drone" etc. or bouncy assimilation drone, sarcastic navigator drone etc.)

010 - cyber implant catalog - Yet to be started. Our Queen and this drone believe that we should have a catalog of all available possible modifications to each borg unit so that we can better choose how to adapt each unit for its stated task and also to keep track of which unit has which modifications, which are essential to all borg, all drones and which should be kept unique to their tasks.
(otherwise known as we thought it would be cool to invent and think up as many possible whacky ideas for cyber add ons as possible and keep them in one place (or perhaps have a regularly updated catalog in new posts linking back to old ones) so that we can choose what we fancy to look like and also to show off to any new assimilated drones when they join up)

011 - adapting and upgrading project - We seek perfection though assimilation, the collective and modification therefore as an extension of the above project we should begin to further perfect our forms through additional cybernetic modifications.
(well what it says really as above but rping kinda the adding of cool cyber implants to each other, giving cyber gifts and such like)

100 - dietary concerns - whilst we can just survive on the energy provided by regeneration cubicles, we believe that we should also look into freeing ourselves from being dependent on just one source of power as it is a potential weakness. Thus to perfect ourselves we should look into creating a range of appropriate borg foodstuffs and replicator units, this drone and our Queen have already made some steps in this regard. (okay piss about invention of dubious and cool borg food and treats from energy jelly with nanobot sprinkles, through nutrient slop (to be eaten by all in a strictly regimentated fashion all drones raising spoons of slop in unison) to chewy gum sweets in the form of borg starships)

101 - Perfecting our ship - Our ship needs to be made more of a home for us in the collective, and thus we need to perfect it and its systems from the regeneration chambers, to the weapons, to propulsion etc. etc.
(Okay two fold.. basically one part is deciding what kinda ship we want (cube sphere, scout or whatever funkiness we can think of) and then personalising things such as each borgs alcove and thinking up of amusing weapons and stuff for it. the second part I suppose is making this web forum a bit more interesting if we can some pictures would be nice for example either on the page itself or drawings of each others drone or what have you.)

110 - Assimilation - Our primary mission is to wherever and whenever possible to assimilate other puny mortals into the collective, and also to find and assimilate new technology to perfect ourselves. (or basically whenever we feel like a jokey fun bounce about we grab people on irc or lj or wherever and play out assimilating them and enhancing them and stuff. also posting things we find amusing and perhaps borgy to the group as new tech)

This is all for now.

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Borg jokes... [09 May 2004|09:52pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

am Spock of Borg. Living long is irrelevant. Prospering is irrelevant.

I am Baywatch, of Borg. Prepare to be ah . . . stimulated.

I am Tweety of Borg. I did! I did attimuwate a Puddy Tat!

McBorg's . Over 50 million assimilated.

I am Homer, of Borg. Resistance is ... Ooooh, DONUTS!

For assimilation, please press one. For further assimilation, please press two. To resist, please press zero now. (Presses zero) We're sorry, but resistance is futile.

I am Data of Borg. Resistance is futile, fruitless, abortive, useless, purposeless..

I am Porky, of Borg. You will be as-s-sim, as-s-sim, oh forget it.

I am Hugh, of Borg. We want to assimilate Troi. Georgi is our friend. He can watch.

Yoda, of Borg, am I. Futile is resistance. Assimilate you, I will.

I am Barney, of Borg. Being assimilated is fun.

I survived Borg assimilation and all I got was this stupid t-shirt.

I am Elvis, of Borg. Death is irrelevant.

I am Connery, of Borg. James Borg.

I am Ebola, of Borg: Vaccines are irrelevant. We are resistant. Prepare to be infected.

I am Wimpy, of Borg: I will gladly assimilate you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

I am Bjorn, of Borg: Your serve will be returned. You will be humiliated. Advancement is futile.

I am McCoy, of Borg: He's assimilated, Jim!

I am Kennedy, of Borg: Ask not what your collective can do for you, but what you can do for your

I am Roosevelt, of Borg:The only thing we have to assimilate is assimilation itself!

I am Troi, of Borg. How do you feel about being assimilated?

We are NASA, of Borg: We'll have to cut primary assimilation programs to fit all of our sleep subroutines within budget.

We are Worf, of Borg: Assimilation is WITHOUT honor!!

I am Montgomery Burns, of Borg: Simpson, eh? Assimilate him!

I am Avery Brooks, of Borg: Good acting is futile.

The name's Borg, James Borg. I'd like a martini. Assimilated, not stirred.

I am Shatner of Borg. Resistance! ... is! ... Futile! ... You! ... will-be! ... assimilated!

I am Chekov of Borg: you vill be asseemilated. Reesiztance eez futile.

We are the Mighty Morphin' Power Borg. It's Assimilation Time!

I am Picard of Borg. Make it futile.

My other computer is a Borg.

We have engaged the Borg. The wedding will be Friday.

Fox Mulder to Borg: "You can't assimilate the Truth!!"

I am Quark of Borg: Assimilation will cost you 5 bars of gold pressed latinum!

Jim Carrey of Borg: "Allllllllll righty then! Prepare to be assimilated!"

I am Chakotay of Borg. Tattoos are irrelevant. Your spirit guide will be assimilated as well.

Assimilate Mulder and you risk turning one man's resistance into a crusade.

I am John Sheridan of Borg: You will be assimilated STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!!!!

I am DeLenn of Borg : You will be assimilated between the darkness and the light.

We are the Beatles of Borg: We all live in a great big giant cube, a great big giant cube, a great big
giant cube.

I am Wayne of Borg. You will be assimilated .... oh yes ... you will be assimilated!

I am O.J. of Borg. Oh no! My arm attachment won't fit on!

I am Chandler, of Borg. Could he be more assimilated?!

We are Coffee of Borg. Sleep is irrelevant.

I am Doc Brown of Borg. You will be assimilated. Great Scott!

I am Jack of Borg, Jill is coming up just behind me. She assimilated that other bucket of water.

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